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Meet Pastor Wambua

We are excited to announce that this Sunday (8/26/18) we will hear from Pastor Wambua of Nairobi, Kenya! Pastor Wambua has a widespread ministry, particularly ministering to those in extreme poverty in the slums of Nairobi. Prayerfully consider how you can contribute to his ministry, and we will take up a love offering in support their gospel work!

Please take a moment to read pastor Wambua's full bio below:


Rev. Euticauls Wambua Nzengu, is married to his wife Jane, and they have 3 children: Joe (18), Jeff (17), & Melissa (16). Pastor Wambua has a diploma in Christian ministry and an advanced certificate in Biblical Studies from Kenya Baptist Theological College in Nairobi. He is the senior pastor of The Baptist Chapel, a large, growing church in the poor community of Lucky Summer, in Nairobi, Kenya. His passion for the Gospel has led his church to plant 6 mission churches in the last 8 years, most of them in rural areas where there is little church presence.

In addition to his work as a pastor, Pastor Wambua serves as the overseer/moderator of the Baptist Regional Convention of Nairobi which coordinates and oversees the work of over 70 Baptist churches in the city of Nairobi. He is also the Kenyan National Director for Mission Link International ( Finally, he is the director of The Kariobangi Baptist Youth Center (also known as Highridge Baptist Academy), a school for students, grade pre-school through 8th grade, in the Korogocho slums. Korogocho, a community of plywood & tin shanties built on Nairobi’s largest trash dump, is home to 500,000 to 700,000 people, most of them children. The average life span for a boy there is 14.

The Kariobangi Baptist Youth Center supplies an education to the poorest of the poor, offering hope and a future to children who would otherwise, not be able to receive any education. Children are taught English, Swahili, Math, and Christian Religious Education, among other subjects. The school started in 2003 with just a Kindergarten program. They have added one grade level per year and now have students through grade 8 and there are currently around 350 students who attend school there. Students pay a fee of 300 shillings (a little under $4) per month, though often times they're not able to do so. Students are fed one meal per day of beans, rice, and or corn. This is a huge ministry, since for many of the students, it's the only meal they are guaranteed to get in a day. Other than the small student fees, the Youth Center is operated entirely on a faith basis. It continues to exist solely by the support of individual and church donors outside of Kenya.

For years, Pastor Wambua has had a dream of adding a high school to their ministry, since the vast majority of the students who graduate from the Youth Center are not able to afford to attend high school. In November of 2013, Pastor Wambua broke ground on a new high school. God has blessed and the first students began their high school education there in June of this year. Lord willing, within the next 5 years, they hope to have a total of 400 students enrolled.

The following video, though a few years old, will give you more insight into Pastor Wambua and his ministries:

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