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Evangelism: How We Do It

The last few weeks we've been discussing evangelism, what it is and why we do it. Knowing what it is and why we need to do it, the next step is TO DO IT! We get to participate in the plan of God to bring others into soul-saving, eternity-changing relationship with him! What greater thing could we do with our lives!? So what are some practical ways to do evangelism? You can't really go wrong. You are never doing a wrong thing when you point someone to Jesus. If they don't believe right then, you've succeeded. If they reject you, you've succeeded. If they do nothing more than just think about God for a few moments when they weren't thinking about him at all, you've succeeded! You can't fail pointing people to Jesus. So we must do it!

Relationships. Relationships are clearly the best and most obvious vehicle through which to share the gospel. Lost people that you already know are the best ones to talk about the Lord with. We must just be intentional and courageous and want to see them in heaven enough to say something. So relationships are the best, the only danger is that we never get around to actually sharing Jesus. Ask God for love and strength!

Tracts. Tracts are a surprisingly great way to share the gospel. Simply keep some on hand at all times and give them out intentionally with those you encounter every day—people at the store, in the parking lot, walking down the street. A smile, a genuine conversation, a simple statement--”Hey friend, I hope to see you in heaven one day” (and really mean it!), can change a life forever!

Testimony. One of the best tools we have is our testimony. Even something as simple as, “As a child I heard the gospel in church and God saved me!” is a powerful witness. No one can argue with what God has done for you! Let's step out in faith. Let's ask God to keep our eyes open for opportunities to point others to Jesus. May God use us to save souls! What a privilege!

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