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We Are Hillside Baptist Church

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

If you're here, you've probably heard about the new thing the Lord is doing in our midst. Here is a brief history of our journey, where we're going from here, and how you can be a part if you believe God is leading you our way.

In November of 2021, a conversation was revived among our church family about the possibility of merging with Liberty Baptist Church on the Chester Hwy. While the idea had been entertained before, it never seemed quite right. This time, however, was different. Our sanctuary is 100 years old. There are major (and expensive) structural issues. Liberty is just a few minutes down the road. They have a beautiful facility, but sadly have dwindled to a handful of faithful attendees. Our church elected a team to investigate and make a recommendation to our church. After much conversation and prayer, the team recommended that the we merge with Liberty Baptist Church, and in so doing, create one new church from the two. The church agreed and the journey began.

Throughout the spring and summer of 2022, we had open vision meetings to develop a vision for what the new church would look like. We hammered out a mission statement, a church covenant, a constitution and by-laws, and an overall vision of the structure and functioning of the church. Three names were given as options, and Hillside Baptist Church was chosen from the collective votes of Cottondale and Liberty. Since then we have been working to hammer out the legal details, get the facility ready for use, and prepare for the big move.

This has been an enormous undertaking to say the least. While numerous rural churches are slowly withering away, two church families decided together to take a bold leap of faith to preserve a future and legacy for them both. We believe we will be better together and that the best is yet to come for us both as Hillside Baptist Church. Our priorities remain the same--hold fast to the inerrant, authoritative word, preach the gospel, make disciples, embrace the life of faith together as those redeemed from sin, and await eagerly the blessed hope of the coming our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Do you have a desire to be part of a new work of God in Dodge County? To join a "work in progress" as we stumble together to create a church that by God's grace will become a thriving, worshipful, impactful kingdom community in the Eastman area? Then come join us. Reach out to me, I'll by you lunch and we'll dream together about what could be. Stay tuned as we more detail roll out on the dates for the move. Whether you join us or not, please pray for us! God is on the move!

Pastor Chad Hendley

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